The 1st Antigua Christmas Set

The 1st Antigua Christmas Set, composed of 4 stamps lithographed, perf 13 x 14.


  • Scott 224: 6c. Adoration of the Kings by Gugliemo Marcillat
  • Scott 225: 10c. Holy Family by Unknown German artist 15th century
  • Scott 226: 50c. Holy Family by Unknown German artist 15th century

The 1st Aitutaki Christmas Set

The 1st Aitutaki Christmas stamp set composed of paintings of the Virgin and Child by various master painters.



  • Scott 79a: 1c. Van Dyck
  • Scott 79b: 1c. Bartolomeo Montagus
  • Scott 79c: 1c. Carlo Crivelli
  • Scott 79d: 1c. Perugino



  • Scott 80a: 5c. Cima de Conegliano
  • Scott 80b: 5c. Memling
  • Scott 80c: 5c. Veronese
  • Scott 80d: 5c. Veronese



  • Scott 81a: 10c. Raphael
  • Scott 81b: 10c. Lorenzo Lotto
  • Scott 81c: 10c. Del Colle
  • Scott 81d: 10c. Memling




Tiziano Vecelli “Titian”(1487-1576)


Tiziano Vecelli “Titian”(1487-1576), Italian painter of the Venetian School of which he was the greatest in the 16th century, introduced vigor and colors never before known in paintings. He developed his own monumental naturalistic style. His “Holy Family” is shown on the 1963 New Zealand Christmas stamp which attests to his skill.

Albrecht Durer (1471-1528)



Albrecht Durer (1471-1528), German artist noted for his woodcuts, was Leonardo-like in skills and interests. He developed a meticulous attention to details in line with the new humanism of the Renaissance and assimilated the science of perspective and refined engraving. His style is shown in his “Nativity Scene” depicted on a Togolaise Christmas stamp.