Tiziano Vecelli “Titian”(1487-1576)


Tiziano Vecelli “Titian”(1487-1576), Italian painter of the Venetian School of which he was the greatest in the 16th century, introduced vigor and colors never before known in paintings. He developed his own monumental naturalistic style. His “Holy Family” is shown on the 1963 New Zealand Christmas stamp which attests to his skill.


Carlo Maratti (1625-1713)


Carlo Maratti (1625-1713), the principal master of the developed Baroque style in Rome. His intense accents of color appears out of a grayish brown background exemplified in this beautiful Nativity scene shown in New Zealand’s 1971 Christmas stamp. The whole picture becomes lighted by the glory that emanates from the Divine Baby, the source of all spiritual light.